Stranger Things and Voices of Samogitia

This exhibition is like a restored fragment of the Samogitian universe.  Samogitia (Žemaitija) has been an integral part of Lithuania for over the last six centuries, but from the Middle Ages lots of European geographers have always marked it as a separate entity. A place of the former (perhaps) harmonious existence, nature and holiness of everyday routines, it is no coincidence that the objects are exhibited in chapels, thereby emphasizing their sacredness. The emphasis is neither pompous nor reproaching. They are as sacred as is the timeworn handle of a baker’s peel polished by the hands of a few generations of bakers. They are sacred by their very existence, by their transformation into jewellery, not decorative, but one that speaks about memories and the return to a place that is important and true. Where time is slow, the language – Samogitian, the words – down to earth, moderate and unhurried, where one is surrounded by unrecognized and unrecited poetry, hard, sometimes stern, which would perhaps not like to be called poetry. But what if this place never existed and all those things were made out of longing and fictional memory? In any case, everything is very raw and true – to oneself, the people, and the objects. There is no distance, no retreat, no introspection or self-irony. All things speak in their own true voice.


from the exhibition "Things and Voices of Samogitia"
From the exhibition “Things and Voices of Samogitia”