Things, voices, and things again

Sometimes, trying to express the most important things in life, we run out of words. They get stuck in the throat and refuse to come to the surface right when we need to say something very important or fragile. Or tell the news one would be better off not knowing. Sometimes words abandon and deceiveRead more about Things, voices, and things again[…]

Monument to your home

Eglė Čėjauskaitė-Gintalė was travelling to her birthplace in the village of Tučiai in Telšiai district. As a gift to her mother, she was bringing a book by Viktorija Daujotytė, written in the Samogitian dialect. To her surprise, she saw the very same book on her mother’s table; Mother had just read it. Both read itRead more about Monument to your home[…]


Just like silver inlayed golden apples from the Biblical garden, like Assyrian lace, like baroque ornaments creations by Eglė Čėjauskaitė – Gintalė lead the spectator into new, based on archetypes, system of images. These are varied: thinnest silver threads, figurative, story-telling works, especially medals, and functional adornments. Still, purpose and theme notwithstanding, all of themRead more about MAGIC OF EGLĖ ČĖJAUSKAITĖ-GINTALĖ[…]